ExpressLauncher 1.4.3

Use keys to launch apps

ExpressLauncher is a Preferences Pane item with which you can associate keys to any file. View full description


  • Quick and handy
  • Organize elements together


  • Can have a few bugs


ExpressLauncher is a Preferences Pane item with which you can associate keys to any file.

If you're a bit of a keyboard maniac you should love this application, as you can literally associate any program to any key or key combination giving you much quicker access to your applications.

ExpressLauncher is launched by hitting a specific key, which will bring up the ExpressLauncher window, with all the applications, files and documents you decided to put up.

ExpressLauncher is quick and easy to install and its settings are accessible from the System Preferences. Handily enough, you can rearrange files, documents and applications that you wish to launch your own way.

Let's say you use specific programs, files and folders for work. You can keep all these organized together and have similar keyboard functions.

Even better, you can probably use ExpressLauncher with Spaces to launch only specific applications.

Express Launcher gives you another way of quickly accessing and activating your favorite applications and files on your Mac.


  • More keyboard access: Type name of item or use arrow keys to select, hit return key to launch
  • Auto-updating groups: recent applications, recent documents, recent servers, mounted volumes, any folder, printers
  • Multi-screen aware
  • Hot screen edge to show window
  • Drag items from the Finder to open them in the application on which you drop them in the main window

This utility is an application launcher which can be (almost) completely keyboard-driven: a shortcut allows it to appear on-screen, and then the applications can be launched by a mouse click or a keystroke.

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ExpressLauncher 1.4.3

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